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Tour Series Photos

As promised here is the link to my photos on flickr.

For those who want to know I used a Nikon Coolpix P5000 and just took loads of photos and hoped that some of them would be OK.


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Tour Series Cycling

Yesterday evening I wandered into town to watch the Tour Series cycling race. For those of you who are unaware of it, it is a series of short course, city-centre bike races each of which last an hour or so. Oh and it is being televised on ITV4.

At the race last night there was a decent-sized crowd and although you only saw the riders for a short time the laps were about 90 seconds so it was quite easy to spot when breaks were being made and even pick up on some of the team tactics. In this kind of racing it is the position of your third rider in that determines whether your team wins (the individual winner also gets a replica trophy) and gathers up the most points for the race. Last night the Halford Bikehut team just managed to squeak a victory both individual and team.

I took plenty of photos and will post a link to a flickr stream when I have looked at them, chosen the best and chopped them down to size.

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OK after an abortive attempt at keeping up a blog some mumble years ago I will be giving it another go.

I guess I shall mostly be talking about the board games I buy and play and the books I buy and read.  Although in both cases the latter category always seems smaller than the former.  I guess I will also talk a bit about the odd bit of SF news and the odd con (are any of them not odd) I go to and may well blog about some of my experiences writing web-based applications using java tools.

Just don’t go expecting frequent updates.

Oh, and I better explain that the blog’s title comes from a song by a band called Plasticland.  I’ve just digitised some of my LPs and I thought it appropriate as a title.

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