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Missing weeks and catchup

Well as you have most likely spotted (at least if there is anyone reading) there has been no posts for a few weeks. I did say I wasn’t very good at doing regular posts right didn’t I?

Anyway that is because I went up to Bradford to Eastercon (LX 2009) and then spent the week afterwards working quite hard and feeling a bit jaded and suffering a little with the dreaded lurgie. To be honest I am not sure that I didn’t have some dreaded bug infesting my system before the con so if you talked to me and are now suffering then it is all my fault. I don’t really want to write a huge con-report for Eastercon because I believe that timeliness is important and I have probably missed the boat. But briefly it turned out better than I (and some others) were expecting. The main con hotel was a good space, although they had crap seats that resulted in a numb arse, and the bus service to the hotels where most of the beds were worked well (which could have been an issue). As usual I ended up buying a load of books which should take me a couple of months to get through. About the only downside was that neither the Cedar Court nor the Bradford Hilton had free WIFI – I refuse to pay the over-the-top rates that the hotels were trying to charge.

At the con I saw the Easter Doctor Who special with hundreds of others and have since re-watched it in the comfort of my home. It was obviously written as a light fluffy episode before things get darker and it really worked with the large audience but I felt it didn’t have the same impact when I watched it alone.


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