Let’s Play Pollyanna

Welcome To The Future – Future Noir and FFG’s Android

We played our first game of the Fantasy Flight Games game Android this weekend. By some strange quirk of fate I ended up winning despite not finding the evidence to prove my guilty suspect guilty. Me winning a new game is quite unusual so I will probably have to put up with a month long losing streak to compensate.

On to the game itself, as it was being set up I was amazed at the number of bags of bits and cards that were produced from a rather modestly sized box. We all knew it was likely to be a meaty game and so it proved. The game seemed to take an awfully long time to play – in fact we ended up playing exactly half the game which took about 4 hours. The whole game is supposed to be playable in 3 hours. We never read out the flavour text of the light cards (or most of the few dark cards) that got played – I think that if we had done so it would have improved the atmosphere of the game but would also have made the game take longer.

We are currently talking amongst the group about why it took so long – most people seem to be going with the group playing too nicely (not playing enough dark cards) which also had the result that the conspiracy puzzle was finished very quickly and quite a lot of evidence was amassed for some of the suspects.

I like the game quite a lot, and for me the downtime was just about manageable but would be better if it was about half the time. That would give a run-time of about 4 hours for a full game with 5 players. So I would definitely like to play it again (probably as a four-player game) but it is one of those experience games (a bit like Arkham Horror) which will probably only get played a couple of times a year.


March 8, 2009 - Posted by | Games

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