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Object Oriented CSS

Nicole Sullivan talks about her OO CSS, an attempt to control and eliminate CSS bloat when creating complex web sites. One of the slides says to “Design individual pages only once all the legos have been defined” which is very good advice which many (including me) should take to heart. Of course in the real world we don’t always have the luxury of infinite time and very often we (and the clients) don’t know what they want on the page at the start of the process. Of course in such cases the hoary old chestnut of “plan to throw one away; you will, anyhow” comes in handy as long as you really do turn the ad-hoc or novel components into reusable lego as part of the development process and then throw the nasty hacked CSS away.

I only had one small peeve with Nicole’s work – I hate it when people use Legos as the plural of Lego.


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