Let’s Play Pollyanna

Die Macher

Last Saturday was a trip up North to play a game of Die Macher.  It was a pretty poor showing from me (the Green Party) I came in fourth in a five player game, although I wasn’t too far behind third place.  Although it is a long game, a very long game some would say as we played for over six hours, time just flies by when you play.   I find it a far more involving game than some of the other big games, like Civilisation, that I play from time to time.

Anyway we played a few variants which I hadn’t played before and which I think we all agreed made the game even better than the rules included in the box. These were sourced from Brian Bankler’s blog. We did not play placing more than 4 workers, the cabinet workhorse, or the opinion poll variants.

Thinking about the game we still ended up with loads of money on the last round and that always feels a little unsatisfactory so I might suggest the paying for more than 4 workers, and allow purchase of multiple opinion polls (but only publish one) as this should suck some money out of the players’ grasp.


February 26, 2009 - Posted by | Games

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