Let’s Play Pollyanna

Newtons Sleep download

Just a quickie – Random Static have a free download of Newtons Sleep by Daniel O’Mahony on their website. I’ve had it downloaded for a few weeks however real paper books always seem to take precedence.


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Sufficiently Advanced?

A month or so ago the role-playing game Sufficiently Advanced moved to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial licence which means that it is free to download (although printed versions are still available through lulu).

The game itself is set sometime far into the future. The players are agents of the Patent Office, and inter-governmental organisation run by transcendent AIs. Apparently the players work to keep the peace between the many human civilizations spread across our universe and stop the development and use of dangerous technology.

If you want to download the rules you can do so from here.

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Javascript Prototype and Namespace stuff

Via Ajaxian there has previously been talk about Javascript inheritance performance. Now Ben Gerrissen asks the right question “Why is everyone trying to superimpose Classical OO on Prototypical OO” – and has developed a library to help with prototypical OO. After a brief flirtation with a bad name (one that was already used for a high profile javascript library) his work is now visible on his blog under the name JSoo.

Also on Ajaxian there is a post about Maxime Bouroumeau-Fuseau’s namspace.js library which looks interesting.

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SF on BBC Radio

As has widely been blogged (but that doesn’t stop me doing it as well) Auntie are running a Science Fiction Drama series with shows on three of their stations.

The highlight, at least for me, is The State of the Art based on the story by Iain M. Banks. It was dramatised by Paul Cornell and as I was at NewCon 4 in Northampton last year, at which both Paul and Iain were guests, I heard a excerpt (on one of the panels) that left me hungry for more.

Bring Me The Head of Philip K Dick also sounds like it is going to be an interesting original radio-play.

BBC 7 are re-broadcasting the dramatisation of The Brightonomicon – which is nice because I missed some of it before.

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Die Macher

Last Saturday was a trip up North to play a game of Die Macher.  It was a pretty poor showing from me (the Green Party) I came in fourth in a five player game, although I wasn’t too far behind third place.  Although it is a long game, a very long game some would say as we played for over six hours, time just flies by when you play.   I find it a far more involving game than some of the other big games, like Civilisation, that I play from time to time.

Anyway we played a few variants which I hadn’t played before and which I think we all agreed made the game even better than the rules included in the box. These were sourced from Brian Bankler’s blog. We did not play placing more than 4 workers, the cabinet workhorse, or the opinion poll variants.

Thinking about the game we still ended up with loads of money on the last round and that always feels a little unsatisfactory so I might suggest the paying for more than 4 workers, and allow purchase of multiple opinion polls (but only publish one) as this should suck some money out of the players’ grasp.

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OK after an abortive attempt at keeping up a blog some mumble years ago I will be giving it another go.

I guess I shall mostly be talking about the board games I buy and play and the books I buy and read.  Although in both cases the latter category always seems smaller than the former.  I guess I will also talk a bit about the odd bit of SF news and the odd con (are any of them not odd) I go to and may well blog about some of my experiences writing web-based applications using java tools.

Just don’t go expecting frequent updates.

Oh, and I better explain that the blog’s title comes from a song by a band called Plasticland.  I’ve just digitised some of my LPs and I thought it appropriate as a title.

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